Kendra Sundvall


From Jim Lamb,
“Kendra does a great job of looking at the world through a non-standard lens. And then…she shares it with us. Her photos make you smile or cry or just think a while. She shines a light of discovery on her subject and allows the viewer to see things in a whole new way.”

From Jonathan Bennett,
“Kendra captures the pure beauty in this world; she manages to see through the thick layer of "je ne sais quoi” around this Earth and find the pure beauty within. Just looking through her pictures gives a reassuring feeling that everything has a place, and everything is in it’s place; you’ve just got to find it. Fantastic. Photography to take your breath away."

From Simon Paterson,
“Kendra has an amazing eye for photography, I find her an inspiration. Friendly and forthcoming with constructive advice and always helpful. She is a joy to converse with. I am proud to call her a friend.”

From Dave Hathaway,
“Kendra is a young photographer whose skills eclipse her age. Her viewpoint and imagination are constantly fresh and exciting. I look forward to each day, when her 'stream brings me something new to inspire me to improve myself.”


Photojournalism // mass media
Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL


Minneapolis, MN